How It Works

One subscription to cover it all seems too good to be true? Here’s how it works

To make this service work at the shown price points, things need to follow some rules. The goal is to focus on delivering results with as little overhead as possible, allowing us to do our work efficiently and you to concentrate on your actual business that pays the bills.

What we don’t do

To quickly let you know if we are a good fit for you or if you need a more high-touch agency to implement your website, let’s first have a look at the things we don’t do:

No Existing Websites

We have a standardized way of implementing websites using premium plugins and themes that allow us to create great websites that work well and are predictable in their behaviour.

Taking over existing websites causes problems in that each website is unique. If you compare it with cars, we are a repair shop that only works with one brand, but for that brand we are an expert.

In case you do already have a website, get in touch with me on Codeable where I work as an expert. I’m sure we’ll figure something out on how to help you.

No Meetings

We don’t do meetings. You can get an introductory call before you sign on to see if we are a good fit, but once the subscription is running, we have a strict no meeting policy.

We are aware that this is very different to how agencies usually work, but our whole business model is based on providing the most value we can for a low monthly fee – and meetings simply don’t fit into that equation.

You will still be able to get advice, comments, explanations, tutorials, etc. from us by submitting a request, but we won’t be able to do it via phone call, Zoom or in person meeting.

No Custom Pricing

The plans you see at the end of the page are all we offer – we won’t be able to do custom pricing or discounts. If you need a custom priced project, reach out to me via Codeable.

No Ecommerce Websites

We concentrate fully on content websites. As a result, we don’t do ecommerce websites which require a different focus. We can help you with payments that can be done using a form, but we won’t be able to implement a full online store front for you.

What you do get

With the above out of the way here’s what you actually get from us

A Website That Works

We understand that you have other, more important things to worry about than your company’s website. This is why we strive to waste as little of your time as possible while delivering the best website possible to support your business.

The ideal scenario is that you forget about us or your website – that it simply works and that you know that when you want to add or change something, you can simply add a request and know it will be dealt with.

East & West

As a Hong Kong business, you probably deal with people and companies from all over the world, including China, Asia as a whole and the West (and beyond). We specifically optimize your website for Mainland China to make it not only load but perform well so that your clients in China can actually see what you have to offer.

At the same time, the website will be implemented with Western design and usability in mind so that your clients from other parts of the world don’t get lost.

Multi-language functionality and localization are a given if needed and implemented using one of the best tools out there to not only enable people to read your website in their preferred language but also satisfy Google.

30 Day Money Back

We have a full 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. If you are not happy with what you see or don’t like our way of working during the initial month, simply let us know and we refund you 100% of your payment. We want our clients to be happy and are confident in our abilities to deliver an exceptional website, this guarantee reflects our conviction and allows you to go into the project without any risk.

Predictable Costs

Our service aims to reduce financial surprises to a minimum. All you pay is a monthly fee and you get everything listed on this page.

We are aware, that the work you want to get done on your website will vary. As a result you are free to switch between the various plans on a month-to-month bases as you wish.


We build our business on the premise of establishing long term relationships with our clients. However, we know that sometimes either things don’t work out or your needs change.

As a result, you can, at any time, request to take over your website. In this case, we would send you your files and data and a web developer of your choice can then launch the website for you on another server.

If you have spent less than HKD 20,000 during your time with us, you will have to pay a fee of HKD 5000 for us to send you the files, otherwise you get them for free. Having said that, be aware that you will have to pay for plugins and themes used as part of the website yourself going forward.

Unlimited Changes (or 3/10 respectively)

On the development plan you can get as many changes to your website as you want. Anything from creating a new website from scratch over creating new templates up to help with fixing newly uploaded content.

We will work on your requested changes on Hong Kong working days from Monday to Friday and changes will usually be finished within 1-3 working days depending on how big a requested change is.

Once one change is finished, I will go to the next most urgent one and work an that one (never more than 2 at a time).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We will do our best to optimize your website as much as possible for Google and other search engines.

This service only includes technical SEO though which means that we will do whatever is possible to make the website as quick as possible and provide Google with whatever is needed to add your website to their search results.

For things like content marketing, link building, etc. you will have to consult with an SEO expert or agency.

Hosting, Maintenance, Backups, etc.

We will take care of everthing related to running your website. We can’t guarantee 100% uptime but you can rest assured that your website will run on a good server in Singapore to enable good loading speed all around Asia (and beyond).

We will run regual backups, updates and everything else that we are sure you don’t want to deal with or even hear about.

The most important thing for you is that everything is included in the subscription price below.

Monthly Plans

Maintenance Light

HK$ 2990 / month

3 Change Requests / Month

Updates & Backups

Premium Plugins

Technical SEO

Hosting (Optional)

most popular

Maintenance Full

HK$ 4990 / month

10 Change Requests / Month

Updates & Backups

Premium Plugins

Technical SEO

Hosting (Optional)


HK$ 7990/ month

Unlimited Change Requests

Updates & Backups

Premium Plugins

Technical SEO

Hosting (Optional)