Become an Affiliate

Are you a company or professional who can connect us with new clients? We pay a monthly commission of HKD 500 for every client you can refer to us for as long as the client stays with us. You’ll be paid at the end of every quarter.

To make it clear how this works, here’s an example:

Company A becomes a client on November 11th of year 1 and stays a client until March 10th of year 3. Your payments would be as follows:

  1. December 31st, year 1: HKD 500 (as December was the first month with full payment)
  2. March 31st, year 2: HKD 1500 (3 months of full payment)
  3. June 30th, year 2: HKD 1500
  4. September 30th, year 2: HKD 1500
  5. December 31st, year 2: HKD 1500
  6. March 31st, year 3: HKD 1000 (2 full months of payment before contract ended in March)

The potential clients will be incentiviced to use your coupon code to get a HKD 2000 off their first month.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please fill out the form below. We’ll then send over a short contract for you to sign (digitally) as well as your own coupon code and you’re ready to go.